Ceud Mille Failte ! 

The members of CALSOC are extremely proud to be the oldest expatriate society in Oman, having been founded in 1976 – yes, 2016 will be our 40th anniversary ! 

We thank our gracious Omani hosts for allowing us to continue down the years in the great tradition of Scots and lovers of things Scottish based overseas to honour, share and celebrate our heritage. 

Membership of CALSOC is open to all, whether Scottish or simply a lover of what Scotland stands for. Scotland has a long tradition of its sons and daughters travelling and living overseas, and in so doing, promoting the values and history of our great country. Part of this is the establishment of Scottish Societies such as CALSOC, and it’s true to say that no matter where you may go in this world, you will find Scotland represented and promoted in some shape or form. In this tradition of friendship and hospitality, by organizing events throughout the year, CALSOC is able to raise funds for charities both in Scotland and Oman. The continued loyalty and support of our generous sponsors is essential to our being able to carry on this great tradition. Equally important is the continued support and loyalty of our members, and we welcome and encourage all to join and become involved in what we do and be a part of what we are, here in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Slainte Mhath !

Dave Kiernan - Chieftan