The Society is guided by a Committee, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee members make all the decisions regarding events, charitable giving etc and also end up doing the majority of the work as in normal in every society. Ordinary members can be re-elected as long as they feel enthusiastic and others nominate them, but the Chieftain can only hold the post for two consecutive years.

The Chieftain

Hannah Loudoun is the current Chieftain of the Caledonian Society of Oman. .

The Committee

Deputy Chieftain                      Forbes Clow
Membership/Secretary            Susan Hilditch
Treasurer                                 Cheryl Ross
Hotel liaison                              David Todd
Charities                                   Anna Maria Bonfanti
Sponsorship                             Colin McKinlay
Publicity & Communucations   Dave Kiernan
General member                      Rob Maclean
General member                      Paul Warham
General member                      Stuart Sankey